DGS“This relationship is important because it’s personal. My husband and I have been tutoring the same student for three years now. While we believe there is certainly an academic impact to our time together, it’s even more important to us to have that relationship where he sees a reliable adult showing up, being interested in him and cheering him on as a positive role model. We’re in this for the long haul; we intend to see Cesar go to college. I hope we’re making a difference in his life; he’s certainly made a huge difference in ours. We feel so fortunate that this type of engagement is not only made possible by, but is truly supported by our firm.”
– Mave Gasaway, Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP, Volunteer Tutor, School Partners Program

DGS2Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP (DGS) has long held education as one of its core values, and has partnered with various DPS schools over the last decade. Recently DGS was paired with University Prep, where they’ve launched a tutoring program. In addition to weekly tutoring sessions, the firm has raised money for 200 school uniforms. DGS has also sponsored holiday events for the students, gifted age-appropriate books, and hosted year-end celebrations for the scholars on their playground.
Currently, 36 DGS attorneys and staff tutor, ranging from partners to attorneys to staff members, and countless others have engaged in the giving campaign and annual celebrations. Community service and philanthropy are core pillars for DGS, and giving back is a collective activity.

The DPS Foundation extends our gratitude to Davis Graham & Stubbs for their commitment to DPS, and or modeling the type of multi-faceted, deep engagement that makes School Partnerships so powerful.