CTE Photo One“At QEP, we recognize the importance of investing in the community. If you look at the jobs in highest demand for the nation as a whole, STEM fields have such tremendous opportunities for our young people. Even if a student’s interests are outside STEM fields, there is a technical basis for what we do today that translates across so many industries. To be technically savvy is a benefit no matter whether you want to be a teacher or a lawyer, or a doctor or an engineer.

I often reflect back to when I was exposed to engineering. I remember thinking to myself, ‘so what does an engineer do all day?’ We really value the opportunity to support not just the curriculum, but also to bring students into the field to see what it means to operate a well, to operate a plant. I see these strategies as core to keeping students motivated, because they have an understanding of how their fundamental classes and lessons will apply in the field.

CTE Photo TwoThis isn’t just an investment; I feel a tremendous personal connection to this work and the possibilities it creates for our young people. About four years ago, a friend of mine who is an educator reached out to me to ask if I would connect with a student who was a bit distracted, but had incredible potential that he hadn’t discovered yet. I helped him to explore some opportunities and he ended up getting a full-ride scholarship to Carnegie Mellon. This fall, I ran into him, as he’s back in Colorado doing an internship and he told me, ‘I just wanted to find you and let you see who I’ve become.’ And I thought to myself, wow, that’s the power of education… allowing kids to fulfill their dreams and find their paths in life.

DPS is truly leading in this field through their vision and leadership. We are humbled to be a part of something so extremely large and transformational.

-Randy Judge, VP of Production, QEP Resources

QEP provided the first major gift which enabled the expansion of DPS’ CTE vision, and ultimately helped secure a $7 million Department of Labor Grant. We’re so grateful for the vision of those who see great things before they’ve even taken full shape. Thank you, QEP.