Serenity is a fourth-grade student at Fairview Elementary and has been a DPS student since second-grade. To Serenity, it feels like she has been part of the DPS family forever. Serenity stands out amongst her peers as a natural leader that shines in the limelight.

Serenity has participated in several afterschool activities funded in part by the DPS Foundation, with her favorite program being the Shakespeare drama club offered at her school. Last year, Serenity participated in Power Lunch, a reading program where adult reading buddies from local businesses and organizations come to read with students to help increase their literacy level, and in turn, their confidence in reading. Serenity says that her reading buddy not only helped her gain confidence in reading, she also was someone she could go to for advice and share her hopes and dreams.

See Serenity light up as she shares her DPS experiences on April 27. For more information on Achieve Gala 2017, click here.