Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Consider making a gift to the Denver Public Schools Foundation in honor or memory of a loved one, or to mark a special occasion:

  • To honor a teacher that inspired you as a child, or an outstanding teacher who has helped your child achieve in the classroom.
  • In memory of a loved one who was a teacher, or who cared deeply about education.
  • In lieu of a gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.
  • … or for any other reason to recognize a loved one with the gift of education!

Please alert the DPS Foundation that your gift is a tribute or memorial gift. We will work with you to issue a special note of recognition to any individual you wish to be notified/honored by your gift, if you wish. Additionally, you and the designated honoree will be listed in the DPS Foundation’s Annual Report.

If you wish to direct donations to the DPS Foundation for a special event (for example, in lieu of gifts for a wedding), please contact us by calling (720) 423-3553. We can set up regular reporting so that you can track progress and thank your guests in a timely manner.