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Films for the Future is Back! Learn more about the first film in our 2021-2022 series below.


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported Films for the Future: Raising the Curtain on LGBTQ+ Student Experiences on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 6 p.m.  

It was a great night thanks to our panelists, moderators and attendees! Bethy Leonardi, PhD and Sara Staley, PhD, A Queer Endeavor co-founders, explained more about their impactful work. We watched the powerful film, Breaking the Silence: Honoring the Voices of LGBTQ Students and Allies in Supporting Our Teachers. Then were enlightened by hearing students Jaron, Sam and Skye share their insights and perspectives. It was important to hear direct from students about the joys and challenges they face. We also heard from DPS educators and staff about their experiences.

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About the 2021 Film  

Breaking the Silence: Honoring the Voices of LGBTQ Youth and Allies in Supporting Our Teachers highlights youth perspectives, and casts a spotlight on the nature and impact of the problems with respect to gender and sexual diversity in schools. Students locate the problem in bullying, homophobic language and silence around LGBTQ people and topics that pervades school spaces, and also in teachers’ inaction. All film participants weigh in to explore teachers’ roles and responsibilities and to provide recommendations that teachers should consider as they move toward creating safer, more affirming schools and classrooms.

Access the Watch & Reflect Guide

The Watch & Reflect Guide has been emailed to all registered event attendees. If you did not receive the email please reach out to You can also access the Watch & Reflect Guide here.

Films for the Future, initially launched in 2018, is a DPS Foundation fundraising event that seeks to educate the community. It creates a space where we can shine light on relevant topics related to education while we strive to learn and grow together alongside topic experts so we can better understand and support today’s issues. 


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