Funding Proven Programs

A to Z Fund

The DPS Foundation’s A to Z Fund provides materials, resources and opportunities that fall outside classroom budgets, but have a lasting impact on students. From aspiring Astronauts to Zoologists. And everything in between.

Afterschool Programs

Funding from the DPS Foundation provides safe, enriching and academically supportive afterschool programs for 13,000 DPS students every year. Students enrolled in regular DPS afterschool programs exhibit better school attendance, lower suspension rate and higher academic growth across reading, writing and math compared to their peers not enrolled in such programs.

Fit, Fun & Literacy

The Fit, Fun & Literacy program provides students from DPS’ highest-need schools with an enriching afterschool experience including physical activity,science, mentoring, and homework help. In addition students receive a healthy snack and dinner.

Leadership Development

The DPS Foundation supports DPS’ relentless pursuit of ensuring exceptional teachers in every classroom, and outstanding leaders and in every school. By funding innovative programs to attract, develop and retrain our teachers and school leaders, the community is contributing to the success of our children.


Children must learn to read – because for the rest of their lives, they will read to learn. The DPS Foundation funds innovative literacy strategies for students to ensure every child is reading at grade level and prepared to be lifelong learners.

Middle Schools Sports

The DPS Foundation funds Prep League, a competitive sports league for 6th – 8th graders, which enrolls 5,600 students in 17 different sports each year. Participation in sports is proven to build self-esteem, encourage a healthy lifestyle, improve school attendance and behavior and reduce dropout rates.


Science should not merely be read about in a book – it must be experienced in order to be learned. The DPS Foundation is helping prepare our students for the 21st century marketplace by putting hands-on, experiential STEM curriculum and materials in classrooms all over Denver, equipping DPS students with the tools they need to master science concepts.