Fit, Fun & Literacy

What does it take to help every child succeed?

DPSFoundation5What does it take to help every child succeed? For students enrolled in DPS’ Fit, Fun & Literacy (FFL) program, it starts with the basics: a healthy meal and a safe place to study and exercise after school. We cannot expect a child to learn if their basic needs are not met.

“You can learn better when you have food, so you don’t have to be there saying, ‘I’m hungry, my stomach hurts,’” says one Fit, Fun & Literacy student.

Students enrolled in FFL benefit from a daily, high-quality afterschool program that combines academic assistance, leadership development and 45 minutes of physical fitness, and ends each day with a hot, nutritious meal for the students.

Many of the children enrolled in FFL depend on their school for meals. In 2012-13, FFL served 20,000 healthy dinners to children and their families.

FFL is one of many afterschool programs funded by the DPS Foundation, serving more than 17,000 students and their families each year. Students enrolled in regular DPS afterschool programs exhibit better school attendance, lower suspension rate and higher academic growth across reading, writing and math compared to their peers not enrolled in such programs.

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FFL enrolls over 700 students each year, ranging in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. Students participate in physical fitness, nutrition education, leadership development and academic assistance in a safe, supervised and engaging environment five days per week, every day of the school year from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. FFL is one of the most consistent afterschool options in DPS allowing the program to have a lasting impact on students providing support for DPS’ highest-need families. All sites maintain a student to teacher ratio of 15:1 to guarantee students receive individual attention and instruction.

The Need

  • Of the children enrolled in FFL, 94 percent qualify for free and/or reduced lunch.
  • The average household income of the participant’s family ranges from $34,930-$40,468. Denver’s average is $62,760.
  • This program is run at 12 of the highest-need schools in DPS. Every school has a waiting list due to the high demand for regular, quality afterschool care and the staggering effects of food insecurity.
  • National studies show parents without regular afterschool care for their children miss eight more days of work per year than their peers whose children are in regular afterschool programs.

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