Leadership Development

In DPS Our Product is Our People

Leadership Development for DPS Educators

Elementary School Pupil With Teacher In Computer ClassGreat teachers and transformational school leaders are essential to achieving our goal of seeing Every Child Succeed. Research has consistently shown the positive impact of employee engagement on an organization’s ability to meet its goals. In education, where the stakes are so high and the work is so challenging, this initiative is even more critical.

The Mission That Binds Us

Educators are mission driven. They care about their students. And this work is not easy. Creating a culture that actively celebrates our Shared Core Values enables teachers and school leaders to connect with the very things that brought them to this challenging and rewarding profession in the first place.

What Your Support Will Do

With community support, Denver Public Schools has made an intentional investment in our people and our culture. Our educators’ work in our classrooms today is shaping the generation that will lead us tomorrow. These investments are transformational. With your support, DPS can continue to build our roadmap, resources and professional development opportunities that connect our work, every day, to the mission and Shared Core Values that bind us. To ensure that Every Child Succeeds, DPS needs to continue to expand this vital work in leadership development.

“Our DPS”– Values, Culture, Leadership

Shared Core Values

  • Students First
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Fun

Components of “Our DPS” include:

  • A set of Shared Core Values – established by DPS educators district-wide
  • An annual event to reground in our values and make our commitments for the year ahead
  • Values and leadership-based professional development opportunities; recognition events; and a district-wide employee engagement and feedback survey

Early indicators of progress include:

  • Teams that report a strong culture of shared values have higher student growth rates
  • Individuals who participate in leadership programs commit to staying in DPS longer than the average tenure
  • Teams with staff who have attended leadership programs are more positive about the direction of the district and see their role as important in accomplishing our shared vision Every Child Succeeds!

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