Children must learn to read – because for the rest of their lives, they will read to learn.

DPS Foundation funds innovative literacy strategies for students of all ages to ensure every child is reading at grade level and prepared to be a lifelong learner. By supporting the DPS Foundation you will be helping to fund literacy programs that allow children to build the confidence and skills they need to become strong readers and future leaders.


Research shows that by age four, a child living in poverty could have heard 32 million fewer words than a classmate from a middle class family. Furthermore, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, children who do not read proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to leave school without a diploma than proficient readers.

The Need for Literacy Programs in DPS

  • 40% of third graders are not reading at grade level
  • Low literacy levels show a strong correlation with poverty, crime and unemployment.

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