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Strengthening the Pipeline to Success through Career and Technical Education

Denver Public Schools has set out on an ambitious path to dramatically improve how we’re preparing students for college and career. By implementing a pipeline of Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways, DPS is preparing our future leaders for the very jobs that are in highest demand in Denver – ensuring that we are strengthening our city and our students’ futures.

In April 2014, DPS was chosen as one of 24 organizations nationwide to receive a four-year grant to enhance career-focused pathways in STEM. In partnership with the City of Denver, the Office of Economic Development, two and four year colleges and universities, and corporate and industry partners, DPS has launched CTE Pathways in eight high schools.

The Need

Our schools must do more to engage, prepare, and inspire college- and career-ready students, and our STEM programs must be better aligned to employer and post-secondary needs.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Education, many high school graduates lack exposure to learning that links their work in school to college and careers – especially in the critically important fi­elds of STEM.
  • Colorado’s students are not adequately prepared for STEM occupations. Only 22 percent of 2009 high school graduates are on track to attain postsecondary credentials.
  • Moreover, many of America’s international competitors offer students a more rigorous and relevant education in their middle and high school years.

Research shows that students engaged in a CTE pathway have up a 30 percent greater likelihood of graduating high school than their counterparts.

What makes CTE Pathways so successful?

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A clear sight line to the future
CTE students’ studies are tied at every step to the opportunities that will be available to them after graduation – whether it’s higher education and graduate work, or immediate employment and a successful career.

Real world applications
Pathways courses all involve work-based learning such as job shadowing, internships and site visits. These experiences continually expose students to applications for their learning and skills in industry and higher education.

Focused and engaged students
As a result, students enrolled in CTE pathways are far more likely to complete their studies and graduate from high school; and far more likely to become the future leaders we need to help Denver thrive.

Get Engaged!

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Denver is leading the nation in this work, and creating a pipeline of talent specifically and strategically built to serve our city – and our nation – now and in the future. There are many ways to participate in this exciting expansion of Career and Technical Education in DPS.

Corporate partnership options include fi­nancial support, in-kind support, and participation in job shadowing, mentorship, corporate volunteerism, career fairs and summer industry academies. Individual donations are also needed to purchase scientific equipment, supplies and computer equipment.

For more information about CTE:

Mary McGee
Senior Director, Major Gifts
(720) 423-3897 – Direct
(303) 548-2762 – Cell

For information on corporate volunteerism:
(720) 423-3553

Read more, and view a full list of the 30+ partners who are helping make this work a reality.

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Invest In Our Youngest Scientists

Science cannot just be read about in a book. It needs to be experienced and touched to be learned. Science education – especially at an early age – lays the groundwork for young minds to become engaged in and inspired by science; and is creating the pipeline for the future generations of scientists, engineers and mathematicians. For this reason, the DPS Foundation funds DPS’ Science Tracks curriculum for elementary schools district-wide.

Science Tracks has everything today’s busy teacher needs including complete lesson plans, assessment strategies, a structure for collaborative learning, background information about the science content, a Teacher’s How-To Handbook
and resource kits filled with materials.

Rebecca Holt Science 2Science Tracks encourages hands-on experiments and teamwork. Through collaboration, students engage in dialogue and discourse that help them learn concepts and the inquiry skills involved in doing science. It also provides a means for students to develop their written and verbal skills. Through Science Tracks, students learn how to ask questions, how to read and analyze data — all of which are critical skills for education, career and life.

What Your Support Will do

  •  Since the DPS Foundation began funding Science Tracks in 2007, DPS fifth-graders have improved their science scores by 13 percentage points.
  • Last school year nearly 4,000 science kits were distributed to 86 elementary schools.
  • Science Tracks provides teachers with support to teach science – accordingly to district-wide standards – in their classroom. The kits are delivered to the classroom ready to be unpacked and integrated into lessons. This allows teachers to focus on their science lessons, instead of spending their time and resources finding materials and developing lesson plans on their own.

The Need

  • Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) careers are driving our global marketplace. DPS students must build their love for science early so that it lasts through college and career.
  • The United States is falling behind other nations in producing career-ready scientists, engineers and mathematicians.
  • Research shows that students learn best when they have materials to work with to help them master new concepts.

“My passion and curiosity for science was sparked in elementary school because of all of the hands-on activities we did. I am now pursuing my pre-med degree on my quest to becoming the first doctor in my family.”
–Daniel, Senior at North High School

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