Annual Report 2015

Denver Public Schools Foundation Annual Report 2015

With your help, we’re empowering school leaders to identify, evaluate and replicate the highest-performing and most exciting new innovations; and we’re expanding core programs proven to have measurable impact on the lives of our students. Together, we will achieve our shared vision:
Every Child Succeeds!

Thank you for your commitment to Denver’s students.



Denver Public Schools Foundation The Power of Literacy

The Power of Literacy

Six in Ten Students

Only six in 10 third-grade students are proficient readers. Research continues to show that third-grade proficiency is one of the key indicators of high school on-time completion.

Six Thousand Hours

Through the DPS Foundation’s School Partners Program, more than 700 community members spent 6,000 hours reading with students one-on-one, increasing students’ confidence in literacy.

Denver Public Schools Foundation Enriching Experiences

A to Z Fund: Classroom Grants for Schools and Teachers

$1.26 Million

Since 2006, the DPS Foundation has awarded 946 A to Z Fund classroom grants totaling $1.26 million

Denver Public Schools Foundation Pathways to Success

Strengthening the Pipeline to Success through Career and Technical Education

DPS has set out on an ambitious path to dramatically improve how we’re preparing students for college and career. By implementing a pipeline of Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways, DPS is preparing our future leaders for the very jobs that are in highest demand in Denver – ensuring that we are strengthening our city and our students’ futures.

Biomedical and Healthcare

Biomedical & Healthcare

Engineering and Energy

Engineering & Energy

Applied Manufacturing

Applied Manufacturing

Digital and IT

Digital & IT



Denver Public Schools Foundation Community of Giving

The School Partners Program

73 Active School Partners

In 2014/15, 73 active School Partners had a tremendous impact on 42 DPS schools.

$1.26 Million

Over $125,000 in direct financial and in-kind support was contributed to DPS schools.

Nine Thousand Volunteer Hours

School Partners donated more than 9,000 volunteer hours.

Denver Public Schools Foundation Running to Make a Difference

Colfax Marathon Team Sets Record-Breaking Total

$32 Thousand Raised

Thanks to the dedication of our 165 runners, the DPS Foundation Team raised more than $32,000 in support of DPS students, tripling our goal!

Denver Public Schools Foundation Your Investment at Work

Financial Overview: Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets

We value that our donors trust their dollars will be put to use in the most meaningful and lasting ways to affect positive change in our schools.


Family and grant-making foundations & organizations $10,619,000
Corporate & corporate foundations    3,241,000
Individuals    463,000
Local government & agencies    70,000
In-kind    40,000
Special events, net    865,000
Investment income    57,000
Total revenues, gains and other support $15,355,000


Denver Public Schools Foundation 2014 Total Revenues •  Family and grant-making foundations & organizations 69%
Corporate & corporate foundations 21%
Individuals 3%
Local government & agencies <1%
In-kind <1%
Special events, net 6%
Investment income <1%


Denver Public Schools Foundation 2014 Grants Funded •  Teacher effectiveness 32%
Literacy 2%
Health & wellness 3%
Cultural & leadership development 24%
Classroom resources 5%
After school & enrichment 5%
Innovation 29%
$14,001,000 in grants funded