United Airlines Travel Fund

Grant Guidelines

The United Airlines Travel Fund strives to reduce the inequity in resources among DPS students so all students have equal opportunity to participate in a broad spectrum of educational experiences, insights and challenges through traveling.

Travel awards range between $250 and $2,500. DPS Foundation will consider a grant request exceeding $2,500 on a very limited basis.

United Airlines is the official airline of the DPS Foundation. Prior to sending in your request, please visit www.united.com to confirm United Airlines flies to your destination.

Eligible Applicants:
Any DPS employee is eligible to apply. All applications must be reviewed, approved and signed by the school principal or department head. See grant guidelines here.

Eligible Proposals:
Travel must support innovative programs or projects that further enrich the learning experiences of DPS students/staff and promote academic excellence. Proposed programs or projects should:

  • Focus on meeting the needs of and improving outcomes for DPS students
  • Be well conceived and clearly written

Grant Term:
Travel must be made within the current 2018-19 school year. Summer travel may be considered. A school is eligible to apply once during the school year. Schools that have never received United travel awards from DPS Foundation will be given priority.

To apply, please fill out the application and submit to Traci Tuchez at ttuchez@dpsfoundation.org.

Report Requirements:
After travel is completed, we ask grant recipients to submit a brief report on the program.

Grant Publicity:
The DPS Foundation appreciates any recognition you provide in print materials related to your funded project. We encourage you to recognize the DPS Foundation and United Airlines in newsletter articles or other materials that are sent to your parents or community. We ask you to consider including a link to our website, www.dpsfoundation.org, in any publicity materials. For assistance in creating publicity materials or stories, or to request a DPS Foundation logo, please contact Kristy Adams at (720) 423-3877 or KAdams@dpsfoundation.org.

We kindly request you submit thank-you letters, photos of the program or quotes which we may publish on the DPS Foundation website or in DPS Foundation marketing materials. Please ensure students in the photos have signed photo releases.