Student Profiles

Below you will find a few inspirational stories of DPS students who recently graduated this spring. Our future doctors, medics, counselors and environmental policymakers are graduating each year prepared for college, career and life thanks to community support for proven programs funded by the DPS Foundation. With your help, DPS can fulfill its vision of seeing Every Child Succeed!

Daniel Ramirez

2014dps-s-252“Education is the key to my success and it’s something that I will never let go of. I’ve spent my entire life in DPS schools, learning from DPS teachers and coaches. I consider each moment a building block in the foundation for my future. I am a recent North High School graduate, currently making decisions between several prestigious universities where I will pursue a pre-med track in my quest to become a doctor. DPS has provided me and my classmates with possibilities to expand our learning through participation in rigorous classroom courses, afterschool programs, sports and more. Drive, determination, perseverance and persistence are all attributes DPS taught me that I’ll carry for the rest of my life.”

Rathana Preap

2014dps-s-220“DPS helped me learn that if you put your heart into anything you do, everything else will fall into place. Scars show us where we have been, they don’t dictate where we are going. As a recent graduate from Montbello High School, I’ve faced many obstacles in life; amongst them is the passing of my brother. DPS educators were always there for me. They taught me that everyone has two choices when faced with an obstacle, use it as an excuse or use it as motivation. Thanks to generous sponsors like you, I will be attending the United States Naval Academy this fall!”

Britani Rudolph

2014dps-s-222” I am a 2014 graduate from Denver Center for International Studies, and recently named Daniels Fund Scholar! My DPS middle school Global Service Learning teacher, Dr. Hursh, introduced me to the world of service work. I felt inspired by her passion to create positive change in our local community. My passion for servicing the homeless community of Denver flourished with the support of so many in Denver Public Schools. Volunteering at the Denver Rescue Mission weekly, and participating in an internship at Denver Health, are ways in which I continue to successfully give back to the community. Next fall I will study clinical psychology at Seattle University in hopes of being the world’s next family counselor.”

Aracely Navarro


“I am a recently named Gates Millennium Scholar and graduate of North High School. I plan to attend Colorado College this fall to study Environmental Policy, which has been my calling since my mother survived breast cancer. Cancer does not only develop from mutated cells, but from environmental causes as well. Due to that fact, I want to dedicate my life to reducing these pollutants so less people are faced with diseases like cancer. I will do great things with my education and the only way this was made possible was with the support and dedication from the DPS staff, schools, and programs that helped me along the way.”

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. In a few years these DPS students will be paying forward the same generosity you’ve given to them. Thank you so much for your support!