Donor Spotlights: Stories of Support

The Peña-Chavkin Family, Champions for DPS!

“Education is a fundamental value of our family. We believe public education is the foundation of a thriving community. We want all DPS students to graduate with the skills and abilities needed to make informed decisions; that will create a better Denver.”

Mary Brauer, a Champion for DPS!

“The idea that a public school system can run just on taxpayer money – it’s just not possible. We have to do more than that. Taxes are mandatory; private support for schools is a commitment to our community. If you’re going to be part of the community in Denver, DPS is absolutely an institution you need to be involved with.”

Davis, Graham & Stubbs, a School Partner Champion for DPS!

“We’ve been tutoring Cesar for three years now. While we believe there is certainly an academic impact, it’s even more important to us that he sees a reliable adult showing up, being interested in him and cheering him on as a positive role model. I hope we’re making a difference in his life; he’s certainly made a huge difference in ours.”

DaVita: Kent Thiry, a Values Champion for DPS!

“I think there’s amazing potential in our Partnership. This would be one incredibly clear example of a company taking the skills that it has and applying them in a sustained, thoughtful partnership to a not-for-profit, and in so doing, reinvigorating their own intellectual thinking.”

QEP Resources, a STEM Champion for DPS!

“At QEP, we recognize the importance of investing in the community. STEM fields have such tremendous opportunities for our young people. We value the opportunity to support not just the curriculum, but to bring students into the field to see what it means to operate a well, to operate a plant.”

Target, a Literacy Champion for DPS!

“A love for reading starts with access to a great library. Thanks to the Target School Library Makeover program in partnership with the Heart of America Foundation, Barnum Elementary and Godsman Elementary Schools received comprehensive library makeovers with 2,000 new books and updated library space to encourage students to find joy and comfort in reading.”