Tutormate Online Literacy

Help a child learn to read in just 30 minutes, once a week.


Help a child learn to read in just 30 minutes, once a week.

With only a telephone, Internet connection and 30 minutes a week, you can make a difference in the life of a young student and help to promote their success in school right from your desk.

A collaboration between the School Partners Program and Innovations for Learning, TutorMate allows volunteers to read with a DPS first-grade student once a week for 30 minutes without ever leaving their office. Tutors connect with students using a telephone and an innovative shared-screen online tutoring program.  This opportunity is a highly rewarding and deeply impactful way to connect with a student and contribute to their love for reading – without ever leaving your place of work.

Each tutor works with the same student throughout the school year, building a deep and meaningful rapport and mentoring relationship. Students and tutors read stories and play activities that encourage fluency, comprehension, phonics and spelling skills. Because teachers designate the available times for tutoring, the program is non-intrusive and does not interfere with core instruction time.

Consider that most teachers are working with more than 20 students of varying levels at one time. TutorMate provides a forum for an adult to read one-on-one with a student, allowing them to have individualized support, instruction and encouragement as they develop their literacy skills. As a result, students show increased self-confidence and communications skills in addition to improved fluency, comprehension and word knowledge.

TutorMate provides a uniquely flexible and convenient way for professionals to make a regular commitment:

  • Tutors complete a simple 60-minute online training.
  • Tutors choose their weekly, 30-minute tutoring time, and complete their session right from their desk.
  • Easy-to-use software walks you through each session, and ongoing support is provided.
  • No experience is necessary; the program provides all the training you will need!

How to Get Involved:

Online tutoring is rewarding and flexible! Together, we can do more! Join our movement to create a great future for our kids. Learn more and contact Katie Wienecke at (720) 423-3226 or kwienecke@dpsfoundation.org.

Watch a tutoring session to get a sense of how the program works!


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