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General Questions

What does the DPS Foundation do?
Where does the funding go?
Why support Denver Public Schools?
Why the DPS Foundation?
What can I do to help?

School Partners Program: Prospective School FAQs

What is the School Partners Program?
How can this program benefit my school?
How does my business partner with a school?
How does my school receive a School Partner?
What do Partners look for in a school?
Do Partners offer opinions or suggestions regarding how a school is operated?
We have a great Partner(s) at my school, but they are not officially part the School Partners Program – should they be?
What are some ways I can enhance my relationship with my Partners?
We have several nonprofits that visit the school and provide donations or programs to our students - are these considered School Partners?

Achieve Gala

Where can I find basic event information? (Date, Time, Location, Parking)
What is the Achieve Gala?
Who attends the Achieve Gala?
What if I cannot attend the Achieve Gala and would like to still support the DPS Foundation?
Where can I learn more about being a Sponsor?
Where can I purchase individual tickets?
I am a DPS employee, where can I purchase my ticket?
What if I am vegetarian or have special dietary needs?
Is the Hyatt handicap accessible?
Are the event charges tax-deductible?
How do I receive information about the DPS Foundation?

I Give for Team DPS employee giving campaign

How will my gift be used?
I already support my school and DPS in so many other ways. Why should I give?
Is my gift eligible as a charitable contribution?
How do I contribute?
If I am signed up for payroll deductions, do I need to submit a new form to renew my support?
How do I get a red hat?
Tell me about the prizes!
How do I win a prize?
How are the prizes awarded?
How do I know if I have won a prize?
Who is eligible for a Team DPS gift?
When does the Team DPS Campaign take place?
May I support a specific school with my gift?
More questions?