$1 Million Fund for DPS

DPS Foundation is thrilled to announce its up to $1 Million Fund that will create #1MillionOpportunities for DPS students!



  • 8 schools awarded grants
  • 2,842 students expected to be served across all awarded schools
  • $1,116,680 in grants awarded


Academy 360 | 210 students served | $147,243 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to implement Phase 3 of Academy 360’s School-Based Whole-Family Supports model. This entails hiring a Whole Family Supports (WFS) Coordinator who will develop and implement a data-driven strategy to connect A360 families with resources that meet their physical and mental health needs. This person will coordinate services across multiple providers and will track the impact of these supports on academic, social-emotional, and family-involvement outcomes.

Bruce Randolph School | 740 students served | $150,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to fund the construction of a greenhouse that will serve as a lab space to provide hands-on learning experiences to 6-12th grade students at Bruce Randolph and complete the buildout of the brand new AgConnect Pathways (a Career & College Success program). Together, in partnership, we aim to address systemic inequities in healthy food access, while providing workforce development opportunities in Sustainable Urban Agriculture, Food Systems, and STEM-related industries.

Fairview Elementary School | 550 students served | $150,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to turn the Fairview Community Garden into a dynamic outdoor space for experiential learning, student wellbeing, and vital source for food. Professional development and curriculum building will help Fairview use the food garden for enhanced learning in STEM and development of language skills with the intent of sharing best practices across the district. We will invest in seating, shade, lighting, and provide food and material supplies for sensory learning.

Johnson Elementary School | 300 students served | $100,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to build and develop an anti-racist teaching block where students and teachers choose different science and social studies topics to learn and teach aligned to interest and passion.  These modules would be designed to build real world skills and open students’ minds to different perspectives.

McGlone Academy | 500 students served | $150,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to build a robust artist-in-residency program that exists within the school experience and leverages the power of media to support Montbello youth with discovering their creative potential and developing into powerful decision-makers who become directors of their own lives and use their voices and gifts to positively transform their schools, their communities, and the world around them.

Monarch Montessori | 75 students served | $150,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to grow a Spanish-English dual language track for grades 1 through 3, bridging the achievement gap for LatinX students in Far Northeast Denver.

Palmer Elementary School | 227 students served | $122,000 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to support our B.L.A.S.T. OFF program which will break down the barriers that often deter children of color, lower income students, and girls from gaining a better understanding of science, technology, arts, and mathematics.

B.L.A.S.T. OFF will be a hands-on STEAM makerspace program and this comprehensive program will include projects relating to social emotional learning, robotics, architecture, science, engineering, and art.

Respect Academy | 240 students served | $147,437 awarded

The $1 Million Fund support will be used to significantly improve the support Respect Academy gives to our most vulnerable students, students who have to work full time to support themselves and their families while also completing their high school education.


How did this opportunity become possible? This fund has been an accumulation of unrestricted donations from donors who trust us to determine the best use of their donations. Fueled by the generosity of our donors, this funding opportunity is possible. This fund encompasses what the DPS Foundation stands for— together and with the support of our donors, our students and our city will thrive. Whether you give $10, $100, $1,000 and beyond—every single dollar is crucial in making this $1 Million Fund a reality for our schools. We must all work together to ensure every student graduates ready to lead a successful life.

Why? Because our hardworking educators deserve the space and financial support to foster collaborative solutions for our students, helping them to become the next great leaders of Denver! Through this opportunity, the DPS Foundation is partnering with Denver Public Schools to combine the financial resources of the Denver community with the expertise and support of the district. We seek to empower students, teachers, leaders, families, community stakeholders and staff – those who deeply understand the needs of our students best – to design and launch creative and innovative solutions that address and mitigate historical inequities that persist in our communities. The $1 Million Fund will support the selected DPS schools in planning and implementing creative and collaborative solutions to address challenges, build capacity, and enrich school communities.

When? The intent to apply is now closed. Applicants moving forward in the process will receive application materials by early November.

Who will be eligible to apply? Any DPS school. Yes, this includes district-run schools, charter schools, innovation schools, and network of schools!

What principles have guided us for the $1 Million Fund?

  • We are committed to the tremendous responsibility that our donors entrusted us with determining the best use of their funds.
  • We will be nimble in our approach and offer a process that is systematic yet simple.
  • We believe in the ability of our schools to learn from successes and failures and we are willing to take calculated risks with this funding.
  • We believe our schools understand their needs best, and should have the flexibility in funding to implement their ideas.
  • We believe that the support and buy-in from the community is paramount in successful implementation, and the ability to leverage resources.
  • We will align our work with cornerstones of DPS – equity, collaborative teamwork, and academic excellence.

Areas of focus:

  • Advance educator mindsets to increase high expectations and student agency, particularly in the areas of mathematics and early literacy. This may include, but is not limited to, a focus on culturally responsive education, quality instruction, and/or efforts to ensure equitable practices.
  • Grow student mindsets to allow them to envision a successful future and recognize their potential impact on the world. This may include ideas that increase student readiness for graduation requirements and/or exposure to post-secondary experiences.
  • Strengthen family and community mindsets regarding the role they can play in their students’ educational experiences. This may include family and community engagement efforts aligned with the Aspen Ascend Framework, addressing the needs of both children and the adults in their lives.
  • Build the capacity of educators to support the emotional and physical development of students by providing training and resources in areas such as social emotional learning, mental health, inclusive practices, restorative justice, specially designed instruction, and trauma-informed practices.
  • Other: Have an idea that does not seem to fit into one of the above categories?  We want to hear your innovative, inspiring thoughts. Please apply.

Excited?! We are too! Click here for eligibility guidelines. Click here for frequently asked questions.

Intent to Apply

The intent to apply is closed as of February 28 at 5 p.m. We are now in Phase 2 of the process.

The Impact:

Once the grant recipients are announced, the fun will just be getting started! We will continuously share out stories of impact, with each success story being made possible thanks to our donors. We can’t wait to see the #1MillionOpportunities these grants will make in our schools.