Support Emerging Needs for Back to School

Help DPS students as they head Back to School this Fall! Support DPS students and educators by donating to DPS Foundation’s emerging needs fund.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, DPS Foundation has been working closely with the district to ensure that the needs of our community are continuously assessed and that we have the ability to support emerging needs as they arise due to the current situation. Currently the most urgent need our students and schools have is for Back to School classroom supplies. In years’ past, most of our schools pooled supplies from students for community use in each class. This year, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, students are required to have their own set of supplies in the classroom. They are also being asked to have a separate set of supplies that stay at their home. With this, the district has asked for our support in providing supplies for our children. We plan to support this request by supporting 11 schools, and we cannot do this alone.

At the DPS Foundation, we are proud to support DPS by ensuring that 95 cents of every dollar donated to the Back to School Campaign goes directly to supporting students and schools. The remaining five cents are allocated at the discretion of the DPS Foundation and may include supporting projects such as the $1 Million Fund and other programs led by the DPS Foundation.

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