May 26, 2023

At Denver Public Schools Foundation, our goal is to make sure every student in every school has the tools and resources to reach their highest potential. With initiatives such as A to Z Fund, we can help educators create opportunities for Denver’s students. The A to Z Fund provides schools and educators with materials that fall outside classroom budgets. These grants are available to any DPS school, and educators can apply twice a year. Today we’ll highlight the impact on students at Swigert International School. 

A little bit about Swigert: It is an elementary school that opened in 2010. It was named after Jack Swigert who was an American NASA Astronaut that graduated from the University of Colorado. Swigert International School is one of six Central Park neighborhood schools, and they strive to “create innovative, intellectually curious students who share a sense of stewardship for creating a better and more peaceful world.” 

Tabitha Jones is the Reading Interventionist and Instructional Coach at Swigert International School. Tabitha applied for the A to Z Fund to provide students with resources to support their mathematical thinking. Specifically, the A to Z Fund grant helped purchase fraction tiles for third and fourth graders, which allowed them to develop their conceptual understanding of fractions. Ms. Jones was also able to purchase FRAX accounts for each student which allowed for a differentiated and independent practice for each student, which is especially critical for student learning. 

“Our students are more prepared for abstract mathematical thinking, confident in their work, and absolutely more engaged in the area of mathematics. All of these gained skills and positive beliefs will only bring on stronger mathematical engagement in the future, and it is a direct result of this grant. Thank you!” said Tabitha Jones. 

Through community support, we can continue offering our educators resources to create impactful opportunities for DPS students. Together, we can continue putting Students First and demonstrate the power of public education.

Leslie Vasquez
Communications Intern