Colfax Marathon

Join the Team DPS Colfax Marathon Challenge!

Why run for DPS Foundation

Ready to run for DPS students? Scroll down to learn how to register!

Colfax Marathon is Denver’s largest running weekend! You have days of fun with the expo and myraid of races. Distances are approachable for all levels of runners and walkers. Colfax course distances include the Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, Urban 10 Miler, and a 5K.

One of the unique items about Colfax is the race’s focus on nonprofit partnerships. That’s where Denver Public Schools Foundation comes in! As a Colfax participant, you can choose to run for a designated nonprofit. Each nonprofit runs their program in a unique way. DPS Foundation focuses on an encouraging, supportive environment. Running for DPS Foundation, you can help fundraise to support DPS students across the entire district. That includes more than 90,000 students across more than 200 schools. Not a fundraiser? Some runners are more comfortable making a personal donation to DPS Foundation. Others become ambassadors for DPS Foundation and help raise awareness about the important work DPS Foundation does and the impact it makes for DPS students. Signing up to run with Denver Public Schools Foundation does not require you to do anything extra. We appreciate any and all support you may be able to give and we look forward to encouraging you on your Colfax journey!

Perks of running with Team DPS

Why select Denver Public Schools Foundation as your nonprofit partner? Because public education matters! We know that when our students thrive, our city thrives. Not convinced yet to select Denver Public Schools Foundation as your nonprofit partner? Here are some benefits:

  1. Facebook support group – join today!
  2. Group training runs with Cherry Creek Run Club – join our Facebook group for updates
    1. Attend these runs and get a 15% discount off your purchases at Boulder Running Company Cheery Creek
  3. Personalized training plans compliments of Boulder Running Company Cherry Creek
  4. Team DPS buff compliments of our friends at Denver Athletic
  5. Team DPS exclusive swag bag including an energy bar from Four Points and electrolyte tablet from Nuun Hydration
  6. Pride for using your Colfax participation to help more than 90,000 DPS students


Also, the individual runner or relay team that raises the most money will have the opportunity to win a gift for the school of their choice:

  • 1st Place – $1,000 to a DPS school*
  • 2nd Place – $750 to a DPS school*
  • 3rd Place – $500 to a DPS school*

*A team/runner cannot win in more than one category

How to register

How do I register to run for DPS students?

  • Visit the registration page for the race you want to enter
  • Look under “Additional Questions”
  • Select “Yes” for the question “Are you considering raising funds or awareness for a charity?”
  • A dropdown menu will appear for you to select Denver Public Schools Foundation as your nonprofit partner!
How do I add Denver Public Schools Foundation if I’ve already registered?

You can add DPS Foundation on or before April 23 here.

Between April 24 and May 13 you can add DPS Foundation here.

After May 13 visit the “Solutions Line” at the expo to add DPS Foundation as your nonprofit partner!

Support DPS students

You can support DPS students by fundraising, donating and/or advocating for DPS Foundation. Download DPS Foundation’s Colfax packet.


Harness your network to support DPS students! Help inspire others to give and believe in the power of public education. See our fundraising packet to help you get started and visit our fundraising page.


Donate to DPS Foundation to support DPS students and help ensure every child has the opportunities and resources needed to achieve success!


Let your friends, family and colleagues know why supporting DPS students is important! Get other fired up about public education.

Looking for more information? Check out Colfax FAQs.

Colfax fun facts

  • It is Denver’s only marathon.
  • The half marathon course takes you through the Denver Zoo.
  • The half marathon course takes you through a fire station AND has firefighters cheering you on.
  • The Urban 10 miler course takes you through Broncos stadium.
  • The marathon relay is one of the largest marathon relays in the U.S.!

Colfax Marathon is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2020! What does this mean for you? You have an entire week of festivities instead of just a long weekend!

  • Monday, May 11 – Colorado Running Hall of Fame
  • Tuesday, May 12 – Marathon movie night
  • Wednesday, May 13 – Shake Out Runs across Denver Metro
  • Thursday, May 14 – Colfax evening out
  • Friday, May 15 – Health & Fitness Expo Day 1 (2-8 p.m.)
  • Saturday, May 16 – Colfax 5K AND Health & Fitness Expo Day 2 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Sunday, May 17 – Marathon, marathon relay, half marathon, Urban 10 miler, & and afterparty

Questions? Contact

Interested in learning more about forming a company team, adopting a block, giving a runner or team the opportunity to run by paying their registration fee, or just fundraising on our behalf? Contact Libby Hodgin to get started!

Team DPS Colfax Cup for DPS employees

In partnership with DPS Wellness, when you sign up to run (or walk) Colfax for DPS Foundation, you will be entered into the Team DPS Colfax Cup! Train and fundraise with your peers in this friendly competition. Individual and Team awards will be given.


  • Time frame: Now through May 17, 2020
  • How to participate:
    • Register for Colfax Marathon and select ‘Denver Public Schools Foundation’ as your nonprofit partner
    • Email and let her know if you are competing as a team or individual (please use the subject line: Team DPS Colfax Cup entry)
    • You will receive an invitation to a Google Sheet – please fill out as you train and fundraise
  • Guidelines:
    • Winner(s) will be determined based on a point system. Your points will be calculated by an equal weight of miles trained and dollars fundraised. Example: if you put in 150 training miles and fundraise $250 you will have reached 400 points.
    • Teams can consist of up to five people. This can be a relay team or a group of individual runners who want to work together to train and fundraise.
  • Awards:
    • The top place team will earn a $1,000 gift for the school of their choice.*
    • The top place individual will get a FitBit Versa.*

*A single participant cannot win as an individual and as part of a team.

Register and Choose the DPS Foundation

Choose the DPS Foundation as your charity partner.

1860 Lincoln Street, 10th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203-7301
p: (720) 423-3553
f: (720) 423-3968