Our future workforce

Depends on Denver Public Schools.


Our Impact by the Numbers

Twice the Number of African American and Latino Graduates in the Past Decade

More Graduates in 2018 than 2017

Graduates Over 10 Years

Success Stories


I see where I am going, and I believe I can actually make a difference in kids’ lives.”
– Cindy, Junior EdConnect student at CEC Early College

With your generosity, the Denver Public Schools Foundation helps realize the promise of public education, provides exciting opportunities across the district, and empowers our students, educators and communities to thrive.

The impact of giving to Denver Public Schools Foundation goes beyond our schools. It is exciting, empowering and rewarding for funders, too.

From Early Childhood Education (ECE) through graduation, read how teachers and students have experienced the promise of public education thanks to your generosity.

How to Engage

Team building & supporting philanthropic values

When your employees come together for the good of DPS, they make a powerful difference in the communities where they work and live. That builds camaraderie and company pride.


Ensuring our community leaders and businesses are engaged helps provide stronger and better supports for students for years to come and helps Denver prosper.

Community engagement

Successful schools mean vibrant, thriving communities. We work to create connections that power both.

Economic Impact

DPS students are tomorrow’s leaders. We are proud to be helping our students find their path to being part of a much-needed workforce for our growing economy.

Make Your Impact Count

We invest strategically in proven and innovative programs to help every student have the resources and opportunities to succeed.


Whole Child, Whole Family

We support DPS’s Denver 2020 Whole Child Plan (recognizing that emotional, social and physical well-being is just as important as academic learning) through a variety of programs. And, we support Whole Family through our FACE Center support.

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Teachers & School Leadership

We support DPS’ pursuit of ensuring exceptional teachers and outstanding leaders in every school. We fund innovative programs to attract, develop and retrain our teachers and school leaders.

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Workforce Development

Students take relevant courses while connecting with partner companies and higher education institutions for hands-on workplace experiences.
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Other Ways to Get Involved

We invest strategically in proven and innovative programs to help every student have the resources and opportunities to succeed.

Gala Sponsorship Opportunities

Our yearly Achieve Gala is a powerful way to support the work of the Denver Public Schools Foundation and the important initiatives we fund.

Power Lunch

One-on-one opportunities to make an extraordinary difference in the life and learning trajectory of our kids.