School Partners Program

Imagine what we can do together for DPS students!

The School Partners Program creates meaningful partnerships between Denver’s community and Denver Public Schools (DPS). Through this unique program, local businesses and community organizations (big and small) team up with specific DPS schools to contribute to the success of every DPS student.

The School Partners Program is a collaboration between the Denver Public Schools Foundation and Denver Public Schools. The program creates tailor-made partnerships between schools and businesses and community organizations to help every DPS student succeed.  School Partners provide a combination of volunteer time, in-kind contributions and financial resources to meet the specific needs of their partner school.

Together, we can do more! Join our movement to create a great future for our kids. Learn more and contact Katie Wienecke at (720) 423-3226 or

Are you a DPS school looking to learn more about the School Partners Program? Visit our School Resources page.