A to Z Fund

a2z_mainSince 2006, the DPS Foundation has awarded 1,140 A to Z Fund classroom grants totaling $1.54 million!

DPS educators: View details about the grant process and how to apply here.

The A to Z Fund provides grants to individual schools for programs and activities that go beyond schools’ limited budgets. Through this program, the DPS Foundation provides grants to schools for educational materials, athletic equipment, enrichment classes, competition fees, field trip expenses and more. These grants are available to any DPS school to enhance classroom learning. The A to Z Fund provides equal opportunity to students district-wide to participate in enrichment opportunities.

A to Z site visitWhat Your Support Will Do:

Oftentimes, educators report spending their own money – sometimes as much as several hundred dollars in a year– to purchase educational materials or subsidize field  trips because they want their students to excel. While this is generous and demonstrates the commitment of our educators, it isn’t a sustainable solution to help all students have access to these opportunities. The A to Z Fund promotes equity by offering funding to all schools, and helps lessen the burden on our educators. With your help – especially in light of tight classroom budgets – the A to Z Fund can put resources directly into the hands of teachers, allowing them to create exceptional learning environments for every student.

The Need

  • There is an ongoing – and growing – need for schools to find private sources of funding to build the quality of their students’ school experience.
  • Despite receiving hundreds of highly qualified applications, the DPS Foundation only has funding to fulfill approximately two-thirds of all grant requests. We need your help to expand the A to Z Fund and further empower our teachers working to give their students the opportunities, resources and experiences they need and deserve throughout their education.

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Watch a video clip of an A to Z Fund recipient who used the grant funds to provide hands-on, investigative science activities for her students.

View a full list of the Spring 2017 A to Z Fund recipients here. Below are a few highlights of those projects that are under way in DPS:

      • DCIS at Fairmont will use A to Z funds to enrich its students’ experience with the real-world by exposing them to overnight excursions and enhancing their learning of nature and science through hands-on outdoor activities, as well as prepare them for their departure from elementary school and into middle school through a series of team building and collaborative activities.
      • George Washington High School will use A to Z funds to provide Lighthouse Writer’s workshops for 165 freshmen in the GW Advisory Program.
      • Kaiser Elementary will implement arts integration day for all students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, provided by the Arvada Center, purchase materials, and provide a field trip to see a professional theatre production for all ECE – 2rd grade students.
      • Strive Prep-RISE will use A to Z funds to help cover the costs for scholars to participate in bi-annual regional Speech & Debate competitions, strengthening the school’s Speech & Debate programming, and further preparing scholars for success.