May 31, 2023

Grants are a great resource for educators to access the funds necessary to further  students’ education, skills, knowledge, and goals. The Denver Public School Foundation’s A to Z Fund does exactly that. Without grants, it would be much more difficult for educators and students to go on field trips, purchase necessary classroom supplies, and further students’ knowledge. South High School Unified Physical Education teacher, Kathleen Ryan, applied for a grant through the A to Z Fund in order to provide a unique opportunity for students with disabilities in her classroom. Kathleen and her staff applied for funding for an eight-week inclusive Adaptive Yoga program through the nonprofit Work Through Yoga.

Work Through Yoga is a local nonprofit organization that teaches adaptive yoga to students with and without disabilities to provide accessible and inclusive physical education opportunities. Kathleen was generously awarded $1,600 to provide this program to the Unified Physical Education students and staff. Students with disabilities were able to participate alongside their peers by modifying different yoga positions and stretches in order for those students with and without disabilities. The adaptive yoga taught the students about mindfulness, breathing work, and motor development skills that did not limit their abilities. 

The A to Z Fund grant positively served 45 students in this 8-week program and made a difference in their lives. According to one student, Bennet, they “LOVED yoga!” and “enjoyed the chance to work with (their) partners on balancing and yoga.” With continued support from donors through our A to Z fund, we can keep providing enriching and inclusive opportunities for all students.

Kasey Word
Events Intern