Our Impact

The DPS Foundation has a 25-year history of connecting community support with the areas of greatest need within DPS, creating a track record of measurable student outcomes.

Highlights of success include:

  • Since 2006, the DPS Foundation has awarded 1,140 A to Z Fund classroom grants totaling $1.54 million! The A to Z Fund exists to provide direct resources to teachers for innovative programs and activities that go fall outside the school’s limited budgets.
  • 18,380 students performed in DPS Shakespeare Festival
  • 1,043 students participated in Power Lunch
  • Students receiving targeted math tutoring thanks to DPS Foundation funding for the Denver Summit Schools Network have advanced as much as two grade levels in math proficiency in a single year — the definition of “closing the achievement gap.”
  • Since 2006, 6,000 students participated in Prep League
  • Since 2013, the Fit, Fun & Literacy afterschool program has continued to serve 700 high-need students each year. Thanks to a grant secured by the DPS Foundation, the program also expanded to serve 20,000 healthy dinners to enrolled children and their families. In 2012-13 the program sent students home with 11,000 “weekend backpacks” full of nutritious food to fight hunger over the weekend.

Experience the impact of your support in a dynamic online version of our Annual Report here.