June 28, 2023

Denver Public Schools Foundation is continuing to work with community members to provide DPS students and schools with the resources they need to succeed and reach their highest potential. Our A to Z Fund initiative helps connect students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and discover new interests. The Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA) is an example of a DPS school that was able to have students expand their knowledge thanks to an A to Z Fund grant.

The Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy is a K-5 public elementary school located in southwest Denver. MSLA is not just about academics. We are a teacher-led school that deeply believes in supporting students to become the best individuals they can be by teaching social-emotional skills, restorative justice practices, and providing opportunities to practice leadership. We are a STEM school with a big heart,” said Rebecca Lane, Lead Teacher.

Hannah Gonzalez is the Senior Team Lead and a first grade teacher at MSLA. Mrs. Gonzalez applied for the A to Z Fund grant to support her students, who come from a very low-income area, to experience science-based field trips to expand their knowledge. She said, “the accomplishments achieved as a result of this grant include increased positive behavior and increased attendance, as well as an improved overall student understanding of math, science, and social studies standards.” Not only was Mrs. Gonzalez able to see the impact that the A to Z Fund had on the students, a student also shared how this grant had positively affected them: “Wow Mrs. Gonzalez,” the fifth grade student said, “I really could see myself being a surgeon after doing the Lung Lab!” These grants help provide the inspiration our students need to realize they can achieve their dreams.

Denver Public Schools Foundation strives to create opportunities for DPS students and schools. Through the initiatives we create with the help of community members, we can continue to provide schools like MSLA with the resources they need to succeed in life and become the powerful individuals they are destined to be.

Leslie Vasquez
Communications Intern