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DPS Foundation grants provide opportunities for learning that wouldn’t have been possible with teachers’ existing budgets.

Our Impact by the Numbers

Twice the Number of African American and Latino Graduates in the Past Decade

More Graduates in 2018 than 2017

Graduates Over 10 Years

Real Stories

Real Impact

Find out how other educators have put our grants to work in engaging and inspiring ways.

The impact of giving to Denver Public Schools Foundation goes beyond our schools. It is exciting, empowering and rewarding for funders, too.

From Early Childhood Education (ECE) through graduation, read how teachers and students have experienced the promise of public education thanks to your generosity.

What We Fund

The DPS Foundation supports the work of Team DPS – the educators and school leaders committed to helping ensure Every Child Succeeds! This is your        one-stop shop to learn more about available grants and resources.

A to Z Fund

The A to Z Fund provides materials, resources and opportunities that fall outside classroom budgets and has a lasting impact on students.

Educators Take Flight

Educators Take Flight program seeks to remove flight cost as a barrier to accessing top quality professional development opportunities for Team DPS members.

Additional Funding Sources

The DPS Foundation has compiled a list of additional funding opportunities and resources available to teachers, classrooms and schools. These resources are not affiliated with the DPS Foundation. Please contact the organizations directly for more information!

Easy Application Process

We want to help you bring more exciting opportunities and moments of discovery to your students. Learn more about applying for funds today.

Other Ways to Get Involved

We invest strategically in proven and innovative programs to help every student have the resources and opportunities to succeed.


We love showcasing our students and supporting them in unique ways. From our Achieve Gala, our largest fundraising event that has 1,000 guests each year, to the Colfax Marathon, there is bound to be an event that fits your interests.

Special Offers

We are the beneficiary of many fundraising events and special offers with community partners. Learn about discounted offers and events or see how your organization can host one.