Middle School Sports

Participation in sports builds self-esteem, encourages a healthy lifestyle, improves school attendance and teaches invaluable principles of teamwork. The DPS Prep League enrolls 5,600 students in 17 different sports each year.

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The DPS Foundation funds Prep League, a competitive sports league for 6th – 8th graders, which enrolls 5,600 students in 17 different sports each year.

Participation in sports is proven to build self-esteem, encourage a healthy lifestyle, improve school attendance and behavior, teaches the principles of teamwork and leads to reduced dropout rates.

Prep League was founded in 1997 to give middle school students an avenue for
participation in organized afterschool sports. Today, Prep League is comprised of
33 DPS schools, offering students across the city the opportunity to participate in sports. As they have fun competing together, students also gain access to positive role models, such as coaches and older players. And while middle school students can be sensitive to criticism, self-conscious, and more motivated by social factors than by academic concerns, they benefit greatly from sports programs. Here, they foster teamwork, leadership and skill-building.

Prep League also encourages a strong focus on academics, requiring students to maintain a minimum GPA in all of their classes in order to participate in the program and compete each week. This positive incentive encourages participants to remain focused in the classroom and on track academically, to support their athletic pursuits.

what your support will do

Prep League is funded almost entirely through community support. The program would not be possible without sponsorships and contributions. Your support means the games can go on, and more nearly 6,000 students can reap the benefits of playing and competing.

Why kids need sports.

Participation in sports helps adolescents develop lifelong habits of physical activity that will benefit them throughout their lives. The long-term effects of inadequate physical activity can include obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, so it is important that middle schoolers build active habits at this age. Since all participants must meet high standards for academic performance, attendance and behavior in order to maintain eligibility for participation, sports are the perfect incentive for kids to do well in school. And studies show that students engaged in sports are less likely to engage in criminal activities and substance abuse.

Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Camaraderie. Invest in Prep League Today! Click here to make a secure, online donation today. 

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Fall Sports: Flag Football, Coed Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Softball, Girls Volleyball
Winter Sports: Boys and Girls Basketball
Spring: Girls Soccer and Boys Baseball, 6th grade Boys and Girls Basketball
Late Spring-Summer: Broncos Futures Football, Futures Volleyball, Futures Soccer, Rockies RBI Baseball and Softball

      Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Camaraderie.

      Invest in Prep League Today! Make a secure, online donation today.

      Please help spread the word about Prep League

      Download our one-pager to share with your networks.

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