A celebration of putting Students First since 1992

Letter from Richard Tagle, President & CEO

As we look back on all that’s been accomplished for students, educators and schools since 1992, I am incredibly grateful to all that past teams have accomplished, thanks to community support, and so excited to see what’s to come. 

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What a way to celebrate!

Thirty stories for thirty years—while of course not all encompassing—shares some of our favorite highlights. I hope this 30-year history brings back fond memories for many and provides some insight for those who joined the DPS Foundation family in more recent years. 

This 30-year report comes at a particularly significant period in the DPS Foundation’s work, having just launched our CLASS framework. This new framework—Community Leads and Students Succeed—is a collaborative and innovative approach to bringing private sector, philanthropy, community, and DPS schools together to address the comprehensive challenges our public schools face by serving all constituencies: students, educators, and families.

We have come to a way of working after three decades of evolution as a school district foundation. Here are a few highlights of the incredible work the DPS Foundation has done over the past 30 years. The first decade (1990s) of our work saw us investing in classrooms primarily through teacher mini-grants, the aim of which is to help educators have the materials they need to improve the teaching and learning process in classrooms.

The second decade (2000s) saw the DPS Foundation supporting key district initiatives to innovate and reform. The mini-grants transformed into A to Z Fund, an initiative that provides funding directly to the classroom. We also invested in academics, athletics, and afterschool enrichment thus expanding our impact beyond the classroom and into the out-of-school time arena.

The third decade (2010s) had the DPS Foundation delving into school-wide initiatives, paving the way for the $1 Million Fund and into initiatives that serve a broader school population beyond educators and students. During this time the district experienced a steady increase of enrollment, from 78,000 students to more than 90,000 students, a notable jump. Our investment in FACE Centers involved lifting families that needed social services support, mental health programs, and other necessities. The pandemic also had our team working to address emerging needs that impacted the way students engaged in learning.

The beginning of the fourth decade of our work should see the DPS Foundation having elevated its visibility, relevance, and impact not just within DPS as a system but also throughout Denver as a community. We need to lift the role of public education in making Denver a world-class community with public systems like education truly serving the needs of children and families, and all sectors of the community coming together to ensure that our public systems are indeed the best that the Denver community can offer.

We hope you’ll enjoy walking down memory lane with us! Within you will see some big wins, great partnerships, and inspiring stories we’d like to share from the past thirty years. We can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next thirty! Thank you for continuing to give our students voices to be heard so they can thrive today, in the next thirty years, and beyond.

Below you’ll find the following digital stories: Achieve Gala over the years, DPS Foundation board member alumni story, student-created video on what makes DPS special, mom and daughter DPS impact story, lifetime of impact through A to Z Fund, corporate giving story, impact of $1 Million Fund, DPS Foundation’s short documentary Connecting in a Digital World, and a student created video on the next 30 years. Enjoy!

100 Years of DPS

DPS’s 100th Anniversary was celebrated in 2003, with DPS Foundation’s first ever gala. The gala was held in January 2003 with a $500,000 fundraising goal. The event was a huge success, and a great way to give DPS students a stage. It has been a beloved part of DPS Foundation ever since.

My Giving Story

Hear from 2002 East High School alumni, Kwame Spearman, current DPS Foundation Board Member and Denver business owner on what it means to give back to the community where he grew up. Kwame shares the importance of community support of DPS so that other students may have the same strong education, support,and experiences that he did as a child.

What Makes DPS Special

Hear what DPS students are saying about what makes DPS special. Video created by CEC film student, Jose Bolanos-Uribe.

See the Impact

Hear from mom, Cheryl and daughter, Alicia about how DPS and community support changed their lives forever.

A to Z Fund

A to Z Fund’s inception in 2006: In year 1, we served 1,319 students at 16 DPS schools, which represents an average of 20% of the school population served at those schools. There were more than 70 programs offered, providing programs throughout the school week during out-of-school time.

Today: A to Z Fund celebrates more than $2.5 million donated to DPS classrooms, thanks to donor support! Hear from DPS educators about what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and how A to Z Fund continues to make BIG things possible for DPS students.

My Giving Story

Hear from corporate partner and community member, Micah Gurard-Levin with Liberty Global on what supporting DPS means to him.  

$1 Million Fund

DPS Foundation launched its first ever large grantmaking program, the $1 Million Fund in 2020. This funding allows schools the flexibility to determine where the dollars are best needed to move the needle for student success. In 2021–22, schools began to see the impact of funds received from the $1 Million Fund.

  • 8 schools awarded grants
  • 2,842 students expected to be served 
  • $1,116,680 in grants awarded
  • Average grant per site: $139,585

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted our schools and families, highlighting food insecurity and the technology gap as significant needs for our students. During this time, the Denver community came together for our students through the DPS Foundation. Thanks to donors like you, we donated more than 1.2 million meals, established broadband internet access for students, provided school libraries with culturally responsive books, ensured more than 4,000 students had school supplies, and more. 

In 30 Years…

It’s great to see what’s been made possible for our students over the last 30 years. None of this could happen without the support of our community. We look forward to continuing to engage with each of you, connecting the community to our classrooms and inspiring confidence in the promise of public education. As we conclude our celebration of the last thirty years, let’s see what we have to look forward to in the NEXT 30 years! Hear from DPS students about where they see themselves in 30 years!

A Brief History

Denver Public Schools officially became a school district on February 28, 1903 but the Denver Public Schools Foundation was not created until DPS Superintendent Dr. Evie Dennis (1990-1994) proposed an educational foundation 89 years later to help the district raise funds and handle many grant requests. The Denver Public Schools Foundation was established in 1992 with the hope of being seen as a positive entity that would enhance all educators and the hard work they put in for their students. The first board meeting took place in 1994 and included primary discussions on fundraising, developing a mission statement, and determining the Foundation wants to work with, not compete with, the DPS district. DPS Foundation received their first donation from Conoco to support retired and active employees and provide funds for the printing and selling costs of discount coupon books.

The DPS Foundation’s first ever mission statement read,

“The mission of the DPS Foundation, in partnership with the community, is to make educational experience a priority by providing resources to enrich the education, development, and welfare of all DPS children.”

A Foundation for Success

During Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Wartgow’s tenure as DPS Superintendent (2001-2005), he wanted to broaden the focus of DPS Foundation by asking board members to be ambassadors to the business community and act as a sounding board to help make positive change and generate goodwill both within and outside of DPS. Upon Jerry’s retirement, he admitted one of his greatest accomplishments was leading DPS Foundations’ resurgence from $40,000 to $2.1 million annually and helping lead the new superintendent and the DPS Foundation Board to identify three priority areas: After School, Arts, and Athletics. The organization’s mission was changed to “Denver Public Schools Foundation is a widely based, nonprofit charitable organization whose educational purposes are to support the mission, goals, and objectives of Denver Public Schools”, which is still used in the bylaws today. 

Thank you to our Founding Supporters

Thank you to our past board chairs for leading our organization and paving the way for the past 30 years to ensure each student graduates ready to lead a successful life. A big thank you to all of our past board leaders for their incredible support and dedication to DPS students and educators: Jim Fuqua, Stephen Kniffin, Elizabeth Mason, Edward P. Timmins, Bruce Benson, Elaine Gantz Berman, Linda Childears, Brooke Brown, Cole Finegan, Donna Lynne, Kristin Richardson, Craig Umbaugh, Leanna Clark, Priya Burkett, Jeanne Saunders.

 And a special thank you to DPS Foundation board members who revamped the organization in the early 2000s–these indidivuals laid the foundation to make this organization what it is today. We are grateful to all board members, past and present, for helping to positively impact the lives of students across DPS for three decades.

The Denver Plan

The Denver Plan, an educational reform plan, was set forth by DPS in November 2005 to bolster student achievement by focusing on three main goals.

Goal 1 emphasized children learning from highly skilled faculty who are empowered by robust professional development and timely assessment data; Goal 2 focused on highly trained principals and assistant principals to serve as instructional leaders of all faculty within DPS schools; Goal 3 collaborated with the Denver community and all DPS stakeholders to support students in a safe and orderly classroom environment.

The overall vision of the Denver Plan was to create a community dedicated to making DPS the leading big city school district in the country, where all DPS students would receive first-rate education and graduate with the knowledge, talent and confidence to become future leaders in our society.

The Launch of a Career Pathways Program

In April 2014, Denver Public Schools was chosen as one of 24 organizations nationwide to receive a four-year, $7 million U.S. Department of Labor grant to enhance career-focused pathways. In partnership with the city of Denver, the Office of Economic Development, colleges and universities, and corporate and industry partners, DPS launched a world-class youth career pathways system called CareerConnect (now Career & College Success). Career & College Success offers students relevant courses while connecting them with hands-on workplace experiences and mentoring with more than 150 companies and colleges. The program equips graduates with high-demand skills and leads to opportunities in Colorado’s highest-opportunity industries. 

The grant from JP Morgan Chase supported enhancements to CareerConnect, the build of K-8 exploration programs, as well as creation of our bold apprenticeship model. 

The impact: Students engaged in a Career & College Success have up to a 30% greater likelihood of graduating high school than their counterparts. Students who participate in a Career & College Success internship are 270% more likely to graduate on time.

Big Gift, Big Impact

In 2018, DPS Foundation received a $1 million grant from the Campbell Foundation, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation, to support trauma-informed practices in DPS. After four great years of trauma-informed training, these practices are now considered a central part of DPS’s culture. Leveraging knowledge of trauma and trauma-informed practices was critical for educators to be able to prioritize safe and authentic relationships while also focusing on their own self care after a full year of remote learning. The work continues as we see an increased need for trauma-informed practices in schools across the district as a result of personal traumas that students, educators, and families experienced during the pandemic. 

The DPS team developed case studies to illustrate best practices for trauma-informed student safety processes and data reviews showed that Champion schools (those that were deeply engaged in the work) had consistently higher attendance rates, lower chronic absenteeism, and higher normal rates in social emotional screening. 

Physical Activity Access

In 2019, Denver Public Schools Foundation received a $1.5 million pledge of support from the Colorado Health Foundation to create after school programs focused on physical activity in partnership with DPS’ Department of Extended Learning and Community Schools. The programming launched in the fall of 2019, and so far has supported nearly 3,000 students in accessing physical activities such as soccer, multi-sport programs, hip-hop dance, ballet, and mind-body classes. During the 2020-21 school year, DPS offered two 5-week sessions of virtual physical activity, general fitness, yoga, martial arts, dance, and hula hooping to keep students moving while attending virtual school. 

A third grade student at Munroe Elementary shared, “I loved that we were able to play different games each week. We played volleyball, kickball and soccer, hockey, jail break. I liked how we were able to play sharks and minnows and that we were able to include all students.” 

Thank you to Colorado Health Foundation for making these opportunities possible for our students!

School Partners Program

TIAA and Bruce Randolph High School (BRHS) became partners during the first cohort of the School Partners Program under Superintendent Bennet. This community partner offers a scholarship every year to one female and one male graduate from Bruce Randolph and they have already made a three year commitment to fully fund the future center at the school. TIAA has supported numerous volunteer activities including Teacher Appreciation, the creation of the Urban Ag pathway and school beautification projects, along with providing support for school supplies, meals and internet access for students. Most recently, TIAA is partnering with Chevron to pilot the Denver Public Schools Foundation’s new CLASS (Community Leads and Students Succeed) initiative.

For the past decade, TIAA has supported the school. In addition to financial support, TIAA employees have supported BRHS by donating school supplies and volunteering hours to painting, pulling weeds and other campus beautification projects.

“The value of education and supporting teachers is woven through everything at TIAA,” said Charla Candy-Kadlubar, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. The focus on education stems from TIAA’s founding 100+ years ago to help teachers retire with dignity. It also reflects a deeper mission to support “education as the equalizer” within the community, according to Candy-Kadlubar. 

Read the full 30-year report, including 2021–22 financials

Read highlights from the most recent school year

Thank you to every donor, past and present for making this work possible. This year, DPS Foundation celebrates more than 10,500 donors! Let’s take a moment and celebrate this past year’s donors of 2021-2022:

$250,000 +

Anonymous (2)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sylvia Knobloch Brown

Life Time Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999


Kroenke Sports Charities

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Rachael Ray Foundation

The VF Foundation

Western Union Foundation

$25,000 to $99,999

Anonymous (2)

Bank of America

Buell Foundation

Caring for Colorado Foundation


Colorado Department of Higher Education

The Colorado Health Foundation

Davita Inc.

Delta Dental of Colorado

Denver Broncos Football Club

Denver Post Community Foundation

Good Wood Club

Sylvia & Emanuel “Manny” Hilario

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado

Liberty Global, Inc.

Mile High United Way

Misty Meadows Foundation

PNC Bank N.A.


Preston A.C. & Loren S. Anderson Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Jeanne Portmann Saunders & Richard Saunders

The ONE Group

Suncor Energy

U.S. Bank Foundation

U.S. Engineering Construction

Wells Fargo Foundation

ZOMA Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous (2)

AAA Colorado

Adolfson & Peterson Construction


Boggess Family Foundation, a donor-advised fund of The Community Foundation Boulder County

Carm Hicks, LLC

Chubb Foundation, Inc.


Denver Broncos Social Justice Fund

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center


Florescue Family Foundation, Inc.

Fred & Jean Allegretti Foundation


Hogan Lovells

Mary Holleman

IMA Foundation

Janus Henderson Foundation

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Justin Simmons Foundation

Susan & Bruce Madison

McKinstry Essention, LLC

MDC / Richmond American Homes Foundation

Jacqueline Molnar

The Jose Fund, a donor-advised fund of National Philanthropic Trust

Moreton & Company

Procare Software, LLC

Red Zone Partnership – Denver Broncos Football Club & Chevron



Kathryn & Tim Ryan

Slavens School PTA

Mimi & Phillip Stephanus


UMB Bank

University of Colorado Denver

Virginia W. Hill Foundation

Westerra Credit Union

Rebecca Grant Zarret & Scott Zarret

$5,000 to $9.999


Alpine Bank

Barbara & Daniel Berv

BuildStrong Education

Burkett Family Foundation

Butler Snow LLP

Citywide Banks

Colfax Marathon Partnership, Inc.

Colorado Rockies Baseball Club

Christy & Scott Crase

D.A. Davidson & Co.

Delmoro Family

Denver Health

Denver International Airport

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Ernest S. Madison Family Foundation, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Galloway & Company, Inc

GH Phipps Construction Companies

Goldman Sachs & Co., LLC

Brook & Brian Griese

Catherine Hance

Arlene & Barry Hirschfeld

Rachel & Tim James

Jim & Sara Culhane Fund, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Dennis Long

Matt Miller

Sara Nawrocki

NFL Foundation

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Pepsi Beverages Company

Precourt Foundation

RBC Capital Markets

Deb & Brandon Ridenour

Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation

Sam S. Bloom Foundation


Swinerton Builders

U.S. Bank

Nancy Walsh & Ted Vial

Denise Hoffman White & Wayman White

$2,500 to $4,999


Raydean Acevedo

Sam Bailey

BKD CPAs & Advisors

Elizabeth G. Chambers & Ron Mooney

Mary Clark

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

DLR Group

Rachele Espiritu & Alex Vo

Rebecca & Daniel Galemba

LOA Architecture

MidFirst Bank Littleton

New York Life

RevGen Partners

Saunders Construction

Semple, Farrington, Everall & Case, P.C.

James R. Stauss

Stenmark Family Fund, a donor-advised fund of Renaissance Charitable

Richard Anthony Tagle & William Van Pelt

$1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (6)

Kim Allegretti & James Galloway

Nara Altmann

Anna & Eric Davids Fund, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

BC Interiors

Ben Garnett Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Kristen Berg & Tyler Amass

Dawn Bookhardt

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Annie & Robert Campbell

Tara Carney

Sara & Scott Carpenter

Charles Schwab Foundation

Marilyn Cleland

Community First Foundation

Brandi & Dan Cunningham

Gary Cure

Denver Art Museum

Jeff Dolan

Envestnet, Inc.

EOG Resources

Jennifer Evans & Jonathan Postal

Eric Falk

Molly & Bryan Ferrer

Darla Figoli

The Fitz Jenni Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Gretchen Florescue

Gary & Sally Breaux Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Laci & Jon Gettings

Emily Gibson

Giddy Up Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Gill Capital Partners, LLC

GroundFloor Media

Kathy & Lee Hayward

Sara Hazel & Dan Goldhamer

Russell Hedman

Jennifer & Chris Henry

Laura & Christopher Hudnall

Joy Johnson

Jenifer & Dwight Jones

Kathryn & Peter Manning, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Suzanne Kelley


Linda Lebsack & Hugh R. Pitcher

Katharine Lee & Daniel Shurz

Lorraine & Harley Higbie Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Beth & Tyler Loy

Margaret Choi & Woon Ki Lau, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Catherine & William Marlin

Susan Martin

Mary R Sissel Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Nancy & Robert Schulein Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation

Laura & Cesar Orozco

Carol & Gus Ostermann

David Paul

Liz & Bart Peintner

Marilyn & Bill Plummer

Reuler Lewin Foundation, Inc.

Debi & Michael Roads

Ruth & Stephen Rohs

Lisa & Jack Rouff

Anna Ryan

Molly & Brian Samson

Ida Sansoucy

Savage Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Jason Schneider

Chris Shaffner

Laney Shaler

Marcy & Anthony Smith

Kwame Spearman

Ann Hoyt Stolfa & David Stolfa

Ali & Jason Sweeney

Maureen Tarrant Fitzgerald

Terri & Gordon Appell, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

University Park Elementary PTA

John Wiberg

Marianne Woodward

Nyssa & Rick Zabel

$500 to $999

Anonymous (9)

Chema Alba

Josh Allen

AmazonSmile Foundation

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric

Ashley & John Arigoni

Nadine Barkman

Heather & Ryan Beiser

The Beresford Family

Patricia Blackard

Amy Bringedahl

Craig Brown

Russell L. Brown, Jr.

Lauren Burns

Marvin Burroughs

Lois Calvert

Brenda & Bruce Campbell

Charla Candy-Kadlubar & James Kadlubar

Joey Carrasquillo

Marisa & Arthur Carson

Beth Casey

Sara Collyar

Colorado Lighting, Inc.

Virginia & Kevin Conwick

Laura & Derek D’Ardenne

Yvonne & Drew Davis

Denver Zoological Foundation, Inc.

Kelly Dunkin

Erin Ellis

Dave Espinosa

Verónica Figoli & David M. Fleischer

Fran & Mike Fisher

Heather & Joe Fortna

Kourtny Garrett

Kellie & Mike Giesen

Jennifer Goldbert

Micah Gurard-Levin

Jessica & Mikhail Gurfinkel

Lindsay & Chris Hand

Katie & Bill Heissenbuttel

Colleen & Mark Heldt

Patrick Henry

Brian Horan

Marcus Johnson

Michael Kapoor

Kari & Daniel Droller, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Suzanne Kelley

Kristoffer Kenton

Adeeb Khan

Areil Lofland

Malcolm Packer, MD a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Marta Osuna & Richard Trenholme, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Jenny & Ethan Martin

Katie & Tony Mauro

Ann McCullough

Andrea & Tad Miller

Margo & Jon Moellenberg

Mary Moser & William Richey

Jonathan Narlock

Ann O’Keefe

Michael Pascucci

Miguel Perretta

Catherine Petros

Rich Powers

Morris Price

The Pujet Family

Raymond James Financial

Kristina & Jimmy Reilly

Lisa & John Robinson

Anne Bye Rowe & Frank Rowe

Leah & Bryan Russell

Ashlee Ryan & David Chamberlain

Adam Sands

Chad Schneider

Mary Seawell

Elizabeth Sharrer

Sidney B. & Caleb F.  Gates Fund, donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Aaron Slaughter

Robin Smith

Krista & Dean Soderberg

Elizabeth Stock

Tattered Cover Book Store

Mieke Thorson & Scott Esserman


Brian Trujillo

Vanessa Trussell

Cynthia Vaida

Renee Verspoor

Warren Volz

Alyssa & Michael Whitehead-Bust

Chris Wienecke

Nick Williams

Dr. Patricia & Mr. Bernard Wintergalen

GIVING LEVEL $250 to $499

Anonymous (10)

Wanda Abel

Sarah & Bruce Allen

Michelle Koyama & Tracy Allgeier

Darcy Allshouse

American Express

Bernadette Apodaca

Christina Baek

Kelly & Josh Benninghoff

Michelle & Jeff Berge

Laura Kate Berger

Deborah Blair-Minter

Lee Bollacker

Camela & Tom Brinegar

Mackennea Broyles

Anne & Jim Carpenter

Erica & Chuck Carpenter

Ann Cobb

Kristin & Eric Colon

Sara Crompton

Grace Dee

Stephanie Densen

James Dorrough

Claudius Duncan

Katherine Duncan

Lori Ealey

Kaye Edwards

Eidos Architects

Michale Engelking

Everybody Wins Foundation

Christiana & Derrick Fell

Alison Kolwaite & Shannon Good

Chris Gibbons

Sara & Ben Gookin

Bettina Grandey

Great Education Colorado

Kate Gulick

Kelsey Hagen

Diana & Alex Hammerstein

Chris Joshi Hansen

Maria & Andrew Harwood

Diane Hazel

Tate Hegstrom

Blake Heldt-Werle

Dee Horsburgh

Edwin Hudson

Patricia & Martin Hurrieta

Tim Ikenouye

Ali Imansepahi

Intuit Inc.

Justin Jacobs

Russell Joye

Toni Kboudi

Ellen Kelty

Kelli Kindel Events, Inc.

Kelly & Charlie Kluko

Donna Kornfeld

Ashlee & Justin Krueger

Kyle Kuchta

Patsy Landaveri

Laura Lee & George Gastis, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Leah & Eric Lazzari

Darlene LeDoux

Andy Leveque

Daniel Lindelsee

Mary & Dennis Linden

Lauren Lindgren & Kevin McDonough

Victor Luke

Hamish Lynde

Cheryl Madrid

Kevin Mahoney

Shari Marcely

Kimberly Martinez

Meagan McGee

Joyce McGough

McGregor Square

Margaret McKechnie

Melis & Ben Miller

Bryanne Mocombe

Caitlin Mohl

Bryan Molen

Jaime Moreno

Morgan Fidelity, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Nadia Madan Morrow

Garret Mueller

Tabra Mumm

David Naus

Lacey & M. K. Nelson

Northrop Grumman

Glenna Norvelle

Davis Nossaman

Dan O’Connell

Miguel Ortega

Deana Perlmutter

Kristin Pietsch

Grant Proctor

Lorii Rabinowitz

Teresa Ramirez

Lee Renfrow

Cari & Eric Riedlin

Robin & Jay McCarthy, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Brad Ruman

Paul Santanello

Dena Schmaedecke

Victoria Scott-Haynes

Barbara Sharp

Nisha & Sam Somuri

David Alex Steele

Caitlin Teare

Michael Torres

University of Colorado Boulder – Athletics Office

Guillermo Valenzuela

Wendy Vance

Jeronimo Villa

Stephen Vogler

Janet Waidley

Lindsay Wallace

Lisa Walvoord

Abby & Jake Werlin

Dustin Whistler

Tory Woods

Caeleon Work

Laura Wright

Up To $249

Anonymous (65)

Paul Aaker

Accion Opportunity Fund

Marilynn & Jeffrey Ackermann

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Elizabeth Adams

Kate Adams

Whitney & Scott Adams


Faith & Ryan Aids

Bonnie Alexander

Megan Alexander

Latisha & Andre Amoor

Mary Lisa Anaya

Molly Anderson

Brent Applebaum

Gabino Arellanes Lopez

Megan & Connor Avery

Caleb Baker

Jane & Mike Baldwin

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Matthew Baline

Vicki Bamford

Eileen & Johnny Barela

Joanna Barker

Carol Barkman

Leah & Adam Barnett

Maeline & Robert Barnstable

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Gail Barry

Susan & Mark Barter

Catherine Bauer

Dawn Bauer

Beacon Capital Partners, LLC

Deborah Beal

Patricia Beal

Kellie & Daniel Beiers

Sandra Berg

Erica Bertschy

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Angie & Joel Binfet

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Scott Black

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Laura & Nate Brown

Linda & Wes Brown

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Emily & Mark Bussey

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Joe Caisse

Nicole & David Campbell

Nanci Campbell

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Amy Carder

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Jodie Carrigan

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Jennifer Carver & Gordon Yale

Pauline Casey

Judith Cassel-Mamet & Samuel D. Mamet

Jennifer Cerajewski

Arica & Josh Cervantes

Matias Chaoul

Laura Boyd Chapman & David Chapman

Kay Christensen

Kaitlin Christenson

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Dana Clark

Catherine Cole

Nancy Collier

Stacie Colling

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Leslie Colwell

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Elizabeth Cook

Gretchen Cooper

Patricia & Peter Cooper

Wesley Coplen

Haley & Jeremy Costa

Kim & Clarence Crawford

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Chris Davey

Angela & James Davidson

Martha Davidson

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Patrick Donovan

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Elizabeth’s Charity Fund, a donor-advised fund of Charityvest

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Diane & Robert Hochstadt

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Betty & Doug Holling

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Heidi & Bruce Hoyt

Linda & Brandon Hull

Nicole & Joel Ibarra

Paige Inman

Heather Intres

Sherri & James Jacoby

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Melisa Jaenisch

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JMGDJC Family Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

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Judith Cassel-Mamet & Samuel Mamet Fund, a donor-advised fund of Schwab Charitable

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Bonnie Kossoff

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Debbie Kunkel & John Loveridge

Ben Kuruvila

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Dolly & Bert Lager

Dottie & Dick Lamm

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Carol Lassen

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Bianca Le Mouel

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Marathon Petroleum Corporation

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Mici Italian Restaurant

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MOA Architecture

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National Western Stock Show

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