DPS Back to School Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved with Denver Public Schools this Fall!

Back to School Virtual Volunteer Opportunities 

Our students and educators need our support now more than ever! DPS Foundation has partnered with school leaders to identify what opportunities there are for our community to support virtually. There are numerous opportunities ideal for companies or individuals. If you want to join our back to school kick-off on August 7, make sure to sign up for a virtual volunteer opportunity to make a difference alongside others from our community. Sign-up today!

Mask Making

Join our back to school kick-off by making masks on August 7!

All DPS students and teachers will be required to wear masks during the school day starting this fall. There are concerns students may potentially show up without masks or a need will arise for a new one during the day. Therefore there has been a request for extra masks for teachers and schools to keep on hand for those who need one.

Masks can be made with sewing machines or no-sew masks can be made!

Remote Resource Collection

Many of our schools and students will be lacking essential supplies when the school year begins. You can host a supply drive to collect items including basic school supplies, classroom supplies and cleaning supplies.

Register to collect resources and to get a full list of supplies needed!






Student Welcome Back to School Cards

Join our back to school kick-off by writing cards to students on August 7!

Help students start the year off on the right foot by welcoming them back to school! Write a personalized card for students to receive on the first day of school encouraging them to have a great year ahead.

If there is a student or school you want to ensure to write a card to let us know! Register for this opportunity to receive a list of students to cheer on!

Read Aloud

Join our back to school kick-off by recording readings on August 7!

Record yourself reading a book to be shared with students so they can have a virtual buddy during literacy blocks. This read-aloud format helps promote literacy for our students!

After you sign up to volunteer, you will receive the list of books teachers have requested for read alouds and specifications on how to submit your video.


Educator Appreciation E-Card

Join our back to school kick-off by writing e-cards to educators on August 7!

Ensure educators feel welcomed as they return to the classroom with a positive back to school note for DPS educators this fall! Write a personalized e-card to educators, thanking them for their hard work during remote learning (and year-round!) and wishing them well for the new school year.

Sign-up to receive more information! If there is a particular school or educator you want to be sure to thank, please let us know!

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