Request for Funds (RFF)


Click here for a sample Request For Funds for DPS Foundation

If you have a grant through DPS Foundation, remember funds are maintained with DPS Foundation until DPS incurs expenses. A Request For Funds (RFF) must be completed and submitted to release the funds to DPS.

Please prepare a RFF and submit the request with appropriate signatures and Lawson reports using DynamicView. You can find a link to the RFF reimbursement template on this page. Please include all YTD posted expenses.

Please be sure to use these grant funds before other funds as most of these grant funds have specific end dates. Once the RFF is submitted to DPS, the Office of the Controller will review, approve, and forward your RFF to DPS Foundation for payment. We will then cut a check to DPS for deposit into the project account.


Resources and instructions to prepare and what is needed to submit the RFF can be found on The Commons, here: Here is the link to DynamicView: If you need additional instructions on how to request funds, please reach out to your Financial Partner/Grant Analyst or Jessica Dorenkamp at (ext. 33763). For general questions, please reach out to me at (ext. 33768).

Click here for a sample Request For Funds for DPS Foundation