Tom_KT“I think there’s amazing potential in our Partnership. This would be one incredibly clear example of a company taking the skills that it has and applying them in a sustained, thoughtful partnership to a not-for-profit, and in so doing, reinvigorating their own intellectual thinking. For me, this is like a dream, because I’m harnessing my village in another way to do good, and it harnesses what we’re best at.

– Kent Thiry, Chairman & CEO, DaVita

“At DaVita, we believe that happier people working together collaboratively give better care to our patients. When we started looking at ways we could give back right here in Denver, where our world headquarters are based, we realized that teachers and nurses aren’t so different after all; they are driven by an inner desire to serve.

Our DPS - Banner #3_FINAL_UpdatedOur values-based leadership and culture work has made a huge difference at DaVita. We find that we have better retention and better job satisfaction. So we partnered with DPS to share some of the lessons we’ve learned after years of doing this work.
They took it from there. DPS has created something so unique and singular to their culture and values. We’ve been honored to partner with DPS in launching this work without reinventing the wheel. We applaud the educators in DPS for their innovation and focus in this area.”

– Jo Rude, Director of Wisdom, Operations, DaVita

DaVita has been a thought partner and funder for DPS’ values-based leadership program since it launched in 2012. Thank you DaVita, for helping the district launch this vitally important work.