United Airlines travel fund

This fund strives to reduce the inequity in resources among DPS students so all students have opportunities to participate in  educational experiences through traveling.


Generous support from DPS Foundation’s official airline, United Airlines provides the opportunity for many Denver Public School students and staff to travel by air to enhance their perspectives and learn in new ways.

Through this fund, United Airlines has provided students, many of whom have never traveled on an airplane before, experiences that are shaping their futures.

Unique Opportunity for DPS 2021 Graduates!

In light of these unprecedented times, now more than ever, we want to be sure our seniors feel supported. The United Airlines Travel Fund will be accessible for graduating DPS seniors who will be attending college out of state, by providing a limited number of travel vouchers to seniors who apply and are selected to travel to their college destination in the fall. For more information and to apply, click here.

eDucators: Learn More About grant guidelines here.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, DPS is canceling all district-sponsored out-of-state travel for all students and staff.  This was a difficult decision, and the overriding priority – as always – was the health and safety of our students and staff.  Once the situation improves and DPS lifts its restrictions, funds will be released from the United Travel Grant. Please contact info@dpsfoundation.org with any questions. 

Some examples of the high-flying experiences this fund has made possible include:

A smooth landing for some great spellers.

Students from Bruce Randolph School’s Spanish Language Arts class traveled to Foxboro, MA to attend the National Spanish Spelling Bee competition. Students worked the entire year on improving their bilingual skills. The students, who earned their spots by winning the local spelling bee, not only were able to experience a new city, they also placed in the spelling bee as finalists!

Teachers making a global impact.

One DPS Educator, Samuels Elementary teacher, Jamie Patton Rochford, traveled to Accra, Ghana with the non-profit organization Limited Research Teacher Training (LRTT), where she provided training to local teachers, focusing on effective teaching strategies for the foundation years of primary school. Ghanaian students have improved educational experiences as their teachers learned about rigor and pacing.

Future leaders take flight.

CEC Middle College National Honor Society students attended the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018. This exciting and rewarding weekend workshop was designed to encourage interstate communication among student leaders and advisers, to strengthen leadership skills and to prepare those attending for leadership roles on the local, state and regional levels.

United Airlines is the official airline sponsor of the A to Z Fund, and provides travel for students of all ages to pursue learning opportunities and attend competitions throughout the year. These opportunities are not luxuries – they are inspiring moments that have a profound impact on young lives. Learn more about the A to Z Fund.

United Airlines travel support may be available for student groups of eight or less. Contact Traci Brooks at tbrooks@dpsfoundation.org for more information.